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CoVitale-7 is a unique formula, developed by a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, of four essential vitamins that have been shown in a multitude of various studies to reduce the incidence in developing certain cancers up to 30%. A list of these studies can be found on this website on our “Research” page.

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Today’s Diet Often Falls Short of Nutrients That we all need in our daily diets.  Our Supplement Can CORRECT the Deficiencies with a HIGH QUALITY Formula Developed By a BOARD CERTIFIED Radiation Oncologist.

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Made by The Ola Kino Company to help correct nutrient deficiencies. Available now!

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"Great Product! Cancer runs in my family. This product makes me feel like I am doing everything I can to help me decrease my risk!"

Georgia S.

Verified Customer

"Finally, a product which is proactive."

Susan L.

Verified Customer

"It’s convenient being able to take all the supplements I would normally take all in one pill. Knowing I’m doing something proactive as cancer runs in my family is great as well."

Kellie H.

Verified Customer

"Finally, a product that brings convenience to my life. I do not enjoy taking pills and this one is easy to remember and I only have to take two per day!"

Stan F.

Verified Customer

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