WHAT IS CoVitale-7?

CoVitale-7 is a Revolutionary, Physician Formulated dietary supplement. This unique formula helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. It will help to maintain healthy skin and strong bones by helping the body absorb calcium from food and supplements. CoVitale-7 contains all natural ingredients and combines several vitamins into one food supplement. * Vitamin D: Healthier skin and stronger bones; Better the immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses; Has a positive effect on the muscles and nervous system * Nicotinamide (Niacinamide) -Nicotinamide is a form of Niacin, which does NOT cause the flushing and other annoying side effects of Niacin; Enhances energy production and nutrient synthesis. It will enhance cell health, help with the regulation of cell differentiation and DNA repair. * Curcumin (The active ingredient in the spice Turmeric) – Helps with anti-aging; Decrease morning joint stiffness, joint swelling and tenderness; Has anti-inflammatory effects; May ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis like pain and inflammation. * Black pepper powder – As Curcumin is poorly absorbed, the black pepper powder (piperine) improves its absorption.

WHO MADE CoVitale-7?

Kacie Van Colen


Kacie Van Colen grew up in a small town in Central Illinois. Her dream of working in the medical field started while she was in high school. After graduation, she pursued a degree at Bradley University. While there, Kacie worked as a nursing assistant and unit secretary on the Ortho/Neuro floor at a private hospital. She often saw the effects of cancer in the elderly. She saw how it touched every person involved, not only in the family, but each person helping to deliver treatment.

Kacie then became a Certified Pharmacy Technician while living in Northwest Ohio. After five years working in a specialty pharmacy for Genoa Healthcare in Toledo Ohio, Kacie moved to Florida when she married her husband Stijn, where she continued working for Genoa Healthcare as the Regional Account Manager for the region of Florida.

Like almost every one of us, Kacie has seen the effects cancer can cause. In her family, amongst friends, and most important, she recently lost her beloved grandmother to this horrible disease. The time between her grandmother’s diagnosis and her passing was only a couple of months. The pace of how the cancer developed and grew was so fast; it truly was heartbreaking.

After giving birth to her daughter Lily, Kacie decided to pursue her realtor license. She has come into contact with all kinds of people through this profession. After losing her grandmother to cancer and her sister developing breast cancer, Kacie decided to start The Ola Kino Company, where she can be part of making a difference in the reducing the risk of certain cancers.

Kacie’s hands-on approach, feeling with marketing, her positive attitude, and her talent for getting to know people adds incredible value to the company. Her ambition is to help create a cancer-free world and to help as many people as possible. Developing CoVitale-7 is just the first step.